It is summertime.  The kids are still out of school, people are taking turns enjoying their summer vacations and sometimes are we sweltering in the Virginia heat and humidity.  The year seems to be flying by, even more so in the summertime.  Very soon, schools will start to re-open, and we will all be getting back into the usual grind of everyday life in America.

At this time of the year, as cooler seasons approach, we like to give everyone something to which they can look forward.  The Neuhaus Advent calendars are now available for “Pre-sale”.  Again this year, we will be offering two size options for the calendars. The original size calendar is a playful design with two children getting ready for the holidays while the dog lies in front of a warm fire in the fireplace.  The large 3-D version of the calendar is an interactive holiday scene in front of the original Neuhaus boutique in Brussels, Belgium.  In the next couple of weeks we will have examples of each design in the store for you to see in person.  We will have an official unveiling of the calendars in the store in late August.  At this time, we are start taking pre-orders for the calendars.  We invite everyone to stop by to see the calendars and to place your orders for this year.  The smaller calendar will be $37.00 each and the 3-D interactive version will be $71.00.  Look for future announcements on our social media posts.  

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