From the Frenchman's Corner to your door

Shipping boxesBoxes and ribbonMany demanding chocolate consumers are unaware of how difficult it is to ship chocolate and make sure it arrives in perfect condition. The softening point of chocolate is about 85°F (29°C) and the melting point is 93°F (34°C). Not the best premise to endure a thousand mile journey, especially to warm destinations.

It is important that the chocolate arrives intact and without flavor alteration rather than on time but bloomed, broken, or melted.  Shipping chocolates requires skill and experience.  We can ship your chocolate all over the United States, provide the summer Temperatures are below 85 degrees.

Contact us at info@thefrenchmanscorner.com or call us at (540) 825-8025 to arrange shipping.

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We feel that buying chocolate should be a sensorial experience. We want people to come in and see our beautiful chocolates, and smell the wonderful aromas. Everyone that enters our shop receives the same commitment to excellence and our white glove service.