abstract candyWhile Edward is often occupied working in the shop, and learning from Marc, I have been photographing chocolates, and building our social media machine.  I thought in the beginning this was gonna be a snap, having been a longtime amateur photographer.  I am also pretty fortunate to have pretty good camera gear, and an endless supply of subject matter from the shop. 

I quickly found out that taking photos in a candy shop was tricky.  Our beautiful little shop is full of reflections, glass and chrome.  The chocolate is beautiful, but often shows as dark, and under exposed.  We also have the extra complication of heat from the lights used in normal photography.

I am doubly fortunate in that one of my best friends is a photographer, Cindy Goff.  We all met recently for a marathon photo session in the shop.  Cindy who owns Dream Speed Photography has a really brilliant macro lens, and light box.  Those of you who follow our Instagram feeds will have seen her beautiful work, and in some cases turning our chocolates into wonderful abstract art.

As we are just getting started, some of the best is yet to come.  The chocolate sculptures, and holiday chocolates are unbelievable, and we can’t wait to take photos, and hopefully get you to stop by the shop to see them in person.

The Frenchman’s Corner on Instagram

Dream Speed Photography on Instagram


CindyGoffI am a portrait photographer. I stop time.
Together we will create the most valuable item in your house: that beautiful portrait that becomes a family heirloom, the portrait that will be passed down from child, to grand-child. In 100 years, someone will look at that portrait and say, ‘Wasn’t my great-grandmother beautiful?’


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