We are very happy to announce that Neuhaus’ latest truffles have arrived at The Frenchman’s Corner.  They will be available speculoos_truffelthroughout the Autumn and Winter months.  This year, we have three new truffles to offer: Waffle truffles, Spéculoos truffles and Hops truffles.

The Waffle truffles are a lovely chocolate truffle covered with a crunchy coating of waffle crumbs.  The Spéculoos truffle is a very warm and spicey truffle; especially for those that love ginger.  The last truffle is a Hops flavored truffle.  Yes, I said hops, as in beer.  Surprisingly, for someone who is not a big beer drinker I found the hops truffles to be quite delicious.

Stop by and give these new truffles a try.  You may find something new that you cannot live without during this time of the year.

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