Neuhaus is our #1 selling brand of chocolates.


Neuhaus Belgian chocolates.

Jean Neuhaus first started as a pharmacist in 1857.  In an effort to make medications more palatable, he started covering them in a thin layer of chocolate.  In 1912, his grandson, Jean Neuhaus, Jr. decided to replace chocolate covered medications with nougatine and/or ganache filled chocolates which have become known as “Pralines”.  The Neuhaus family has become the purveyors of the rich Belgian chocolate culture.  Over the years since the first “praline”, Neuhaus has created chocolates for special occasions such as the world expo in 1957, weddings of Belgian royals, like those in 1957 and again in 2016.  

In 2015, the Belgian royal family appointed Neuhaus as the Royal Warrant Holder to the Belgian Royal Court.  This recognition that its chocolates are appreciated and savored by kings and queens lends further prestige to the notable chocolatier.

In 2017, a Bloomberg publication honored the Neuhaus classic truffle to be the Best in the World. Praise for the truffles included comments such as “The tender coating gave way to a luxurious whipped mousse filling, with layers of flavor” and “I feel like I just fell into a pool of chocolate.”

Today, Neuhaus chocolatiers continue to make the finest chocolates using all natural ingredients from around the world.  They continually endeavor to develop creations that soothe the soul and enhance the well-being of people around the world.