Our pumpkin spice fudge has arrived!  Stop by and pick up some, while supplies last.

John Kelly Chocolates are the creaminess of truffles meets the intense richness of fudge in this artisan chocolatier’s unbelievably seductive, award-winning chocolates. Made only from premium natural ingredients, they define chocolate decadence.

What is truffle fudge? It’s something completely different. It has a silky chocolate center with the consistency of ganache, as well as a chocolate coating, and you may think it’s a truffle. But it’s not. It’s actually fudge, just not like any fudge you’ve tasted before.

Our gourmet truffle fudge is a masterful blend of ingredients that delights the most sophisticated palate, and provides pure pleasure to anyone who simply loves chocolate. Superb ingredients, exquisite flavor and a silky-smooth texture set it apart. While ordinary fudge tends to be monotone in flavor, our truffle fudge pieces are available in seventeen richly complex flavors, each rivaling the finest gourmet dessert.

We have a proprietary recipe and process that create a delicious and decadent experience in every bite. This is the recipe that started it all for us, and you simply can’t get it anywhere else. Take a taste and you’ll understand why it’s so special.

John Kelly

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