I have always loved the smell of coffee.  I cannot really put my finger on what exactly I like about it.  When it comes to drinking it, though, I find it to be very distasteful.  I tried several times when I was in college to convince myself that it was something to enjoy.  I tried tons of sugar, lots of creamer, flavored creamers, etc.  For me, there was nothing that made the drink palatable.  As I have gotten older, I have tried other things that contain coffee in them like ice cream, mocha cake and I am sure other things too.  I just had not been able to make myself like it.  Nothing could disguise the bitterness that I get from the flavor.  Well, that was all until I recently tried a few of the coffee flavored Neuhaus chocolates.
As the new owner of The Frenchman’s Corner, I know that I need to try the product that I am selling.  So, when I saw the Manon Choco Caffe, White chocolate praline with Arabica coffee fresh cream I said, “Well, I have to try this.”  To my surprise, I found that it was quite pleasant.

This week, Neuhaus released a set of new products.  One was a set of (6) new pralines that are meant to accompany two different types of coffee: Brazilian and Columbian — three chocolates accompany Brazilian coffee and three chocolates accompany Columbian coffee.  One of the chocolates in the collection is also coffee flavored.  It is a good bit stronger than that of the Manon Choco Caffe, but still quite good.  In addition to the coffee collection, Neuhaus also released two new additions to the Irresistibles collection.  Again, one of these is a coffee cream filling, inside a nougatine covered in creamy white chocolate, Emotion.   Yet another triumph for Neuhaus.  Enjoy!

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