At The Frenchman’s Corner, we are constantly on the lookout for new products that we can bring to our customers.  We are also always searching for good quality and great tasting Vegan treats.

We regularly carry a line of Vegan chocolate bars from Hu; flavors from a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter to Crunchy Banana and everything in between.  Earlier this year, we attended the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA.  There, we met with Hu and discovered that they had two new bars and a new project called Hu Hunks.  The new bar flavors are: Cashew Butter & Raspberry Jelly and Orange Dream Vanilla Cashew Butter.  We have added the new bars to our offerings in the store. In addition to the two new bars, we also added the Hu Hunks, new for 2019.  These are little balls of chocolate covered deliciousness.  They are available in three different flavors:  Almond + Sea Salt, Cashews + Vanilla Bean, and Sour Goldenberries (Edward’s personal favorite).

The bars as well as the hunks are not only for Vegans.  We invite everyone to come in and give the Hu bars and Hunks a try.  You might be surprised by just how good they are.  We will continue to search for good quality and good tasting Vegan options for our customers and bring them into the store as we find them.

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