Exquisite Chocolates

Marc and MegOur founders Marc and Meg Oremiatzki-Ast ship chocolates and handle all of our online orders.  We can think of no one better to ship our chocolates to you.  Marc and Meg have an awesome amount of experience with the very delicate business of shipping chocolates, they run Exquisite Chocolates.

Many demanding chocolate consumers are unaware of how difficult it is to ship chocolate and make sure it arrives in perfect condition. The softening point of chocolate is about 85°F (29°C) and the melting point is 93°F (34°C). Not the best premise to endure a thousand mile journey, especially to warm destinations.

It is important that the chocolate arrives intact and without flavor alteration rather than on time but bloomed, broken, or melted.  Shipping chocolates requires skill and experience, we would only recommend Exquisite Chocolates.

Marc at counter

We value uncompromising quality and the creation of the finest chocolates from Europe and across the United States. We value going above and beyond, being renowned for our courteous, professional, outstanding service.

Exquisite chocolates