Christollen Dresden Stollen


A stollen is a type of sweet bread that originates from the Saxony region of what is now Germany.  The first stollen date back to the 14th century, but at that time, the bread was not the sweet bread that it is today.  Over the centuries since that time, other ingredients have been added to the bread like eggs, sugar, spices, dried or candied fruits and/or marzipan.

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Dresdner Stollen has been revered since the fourteenth century, and its popularity shows no sign of letting up early in the twenty-first. Today, they are still baked according to those ancient recipes, lovingly (and secretly) handed down from generation to generation. Dresdner Stollen can only be produced by bakers in and around Dresden, and the fierce competition there ensures that all producers use only the finest, freshest ingredients. Ours is one of the best we’ve tasted, and comes festively packaged in blue box with classic German decoration. Weighing in at just over a pound, there will be enough for everyone this holiday season.


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